SMOKING CESSATION – The Visions of Wellness Way

Smoking has a negative impact on virtually every organ in your body, is linked to numerous diseases and significantly reduces your overall health. According to Health Canada, “Smoking tobacco remains the leading cause of preventable death and has negative health impacts on people of all ages.”

A smoking addiction can leave you feeling angry, frustrated, powerless and fearful for your health and that of those you love.

You want – and you’re ready - to take responsibility and accountability for getting your life back on track! And that means it’s time to recognize your own role in your life and get the results and control you can have to quit smoking permanently.

You need a coach who understands what you are facing and can help you develop better goals for your life.

As your coach, I help you think and feel differently about yourself, your smoking addiction, and most of all what you are bringing into your life and why. I will help you learn to take accountability and responsibility for achieving your goal to quit smoking – and other life goals. You will leave with greater understanding of who you are and the motivation to get what you want out of life. After all, making a change in one area of life will open up options in other areas.

Through my coaching you will not only learn to stop smoking permanently without relying on alternate forms of nicotine; you will also gain a greater understanding of who you are, the personal energy you generate, and how/why you respond to life and personal issues the way you do.

You leave my coaching with tools that enable you use this new knowledge and skills to make other changes in your life.

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