Together, we are going to work on setting and achieving your goals.

As a coach, I assist you to think and feel differently about your situation, and your goal in a specific area of your life. You will leave with written goals and solution-focused thinking. You will take responsibility for your outcomes, and gain a greater understanding of who you are as an individual. From this experience, you will have tools to make other desired changes in your life as well.

Let’s get started to make the change you want to make in your life: to stop smoking permanently. I guarantee making a change in this one area of life will open up possibilities for you in other areas. Come for a consultation and find out how I will help you.

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Your values determine your beliefs; your beliefs determine your thoughts; your thoughts determine your words; your words determine your actions; your actions determine your habits; your habits determine your destiny (Chopra). Only you have the power to change any of these.

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