My mission and vision focus on working with clients who are committed to taking charge of their life issues.

My service philosophy is based on my years of study within complementary and alternative therapies, Chinese medicine and traditional Feng Shui and personal charts.

The Chinese philosophy of life accepts that we are governed by five facets of life:

  1. Fate
  2. Luck
  3. Elemental Influences
  4. Good Deeds
  5. Education

These five must live in harmony and are captured in the Cosmic Trinity.

The Chinese philosophy also embraces the idea that “luck” is actually careful planning, making the right choices, and being active participants in controlling our lives.

Each of us drives our destiny through our thoughts, words, actions, goals, values and beliefs. If these are not serving us, we are entirely responsible for changing them. My role as a coach is to help you do this.

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